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Welcome to our monkey home. We have come to love the our monkey life and would love to introduce you into the opportunity of having a great companion and a constant source of entertainment. We have marmosets regularly available.

All of our babies are well socialized in a home environment, healthy and available for pick-up. We are available for lots of information and after care, just ask.

Please enjoy our webpages and watch our family grow. We now have a large and ever growing support network dedicated to being the guardians to these little givers of love. They and we are available to help you over any bumps in the road or just to share the love of the marmoset.

We only raise and rehab marmoset monkeys.  They are our passion or addiction :-) depending on the perspective.  We are happy to work with new monkey parents and give the time, dedication and education needed to make a happy monkey home. 

Feel free to check me out personally on my Facebook page : Kathy Brycer    and interact with any of my other monkey parents.

my companions and 6 week infant
Red- handed tamarin, common marmosets


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We have babies!
boys and girls, text or call me :-)
All infants $3000
Most are pre-sold before their ready to go date
The Easiest way to
reach me is to:
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(904) 349-2699
please join my Facebook page:
Kathy Brycer
Feel free to chat with any of my monkey
parents and get to know me and my troop.


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