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Lots of monkeying around........Yes they can get along with all of the other family members.  Our babies enjoy lots of socialization in our home. With the right introductions most will get along with and even play with your other four-legged family members.  I must stress it takes the right introductions, and attitude to accomplish a safe and welcoming environment for all. Below is one of our pets, our beloved and very much missed Shrimp, with an infant on his back (we called him Uncle Shrimp) and Bob our Manx cat.  We have 1 cat, two birds, a prairie dog, 3 dogs and a wild teenager in our household besides the marmosets.



Here is our daughter ,Brandy,(above) with three monkeys, the infant (5 weeks), Shrimp and Carrie enjoying a plate of mashed potatoes and chicken fingers.  Although somethings we eat are not healthy for the monkeys and a quality diet is a KEY factor in raising a healthy pet, they really enjoy eating dinner with their family on most occasions. The times spent with them stimulates positive family behaviors.

This is our son(below) , Eli, and our baby TDM when he was 6 weeks old.  Even at this age they show a great desire to interact with members of the household.  TDM, is the reason that we became so dedicated to educating people on the health and care of the marmoset.  He was our first and we were not educated properly and lost him at four months old to a human born virus that could have been easily prevented but rarely cured.



The monkeys love to travel. (above) This is Shrimp asleep on the dash of the RV after a long weekend of bike riding and bug eating.

This is baby T at 6 weeks old. (below) We set him next to a US quarter to show how tiny he was even weeks after he joined our household.




(two above) Our Handsome man, Cash, he's a mature White-tufted(common) marm . Shrimp and an infant (below) Shrimp loved to carry the babies around on his back. He taught them how to eat, jump and play all while protecting them from dangers and strangers. That's why we called him Uncle Shrimp!  Below, is a photo of a group of young infants that we hand feed and cuddle with to get them all ready and confident enough for their new homes.


Here I've shown lots of tranquil and happy moments with our monkeys.  Please be aware that this did not happen by accident. No matter how much quality time you spend with them, they are wild animals. They have an amazing way of integrating into a human family home and becoming an integrated part of your family. Although we have many in happy  homes with children, GREAT care should be taken where children and any non-human primate are interacting   It takes a very concious effort to create this environment.  There are serious dangers that can injure or even kill your monkey and marmosets can bite if they feel threatened or anxious.  if you are interested in a marmoset or, please do your research and ask lots of questions.  There are many scams at work everyday that take money for a monkey and offer nothing but heartache in return.  They will take your money!.  Never give a deposit with out a verifiable phone number and street address of the breeder/broker.  some breeders still choose to  ship babies but make sure that the option of picking him/her at their location is offered. We are available to answer questions anytime by phone, text or email.  Any reputable breeder will have time to answer questions and offer advice on the purchase and guardianship of a monkey.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Kathy.